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10 Sep 2008 - Shade of Akama down

3 days old news, but meh, better late than never ey?  ;)

Big grats too all involved, keep up the awesome progess  :)

Full size pic here

01 Sep 2008 - Nerf Dotu?

Mount Hyjal and Black Temple have already started posting QQ threads in the WoW forums. 4 first kills in 4 weeks? and we only raid 25mans 2 nights on average a week? We may need a nerf.
Great job to all involved in our raiding efforts lately, been a great month. No doubt we'll see much more of Black Temple (and maybe MH if....nah, lets not, snooze-fest :)) before Wrath of the Lich King's release which could be as soon as 2 months away.
Full size pic here

On a similar note, the original Naxx will be removed from WoW soon so we have a raid there on the 19th, sign up in the usual place  ;)

27 Aug 2008 - Naj'entus goes 'squish'

We thought we'd have a change from MH's trash and take a stroll into the sewers of Black Temple. However, that peaceful evening walk was rudely interupted by a certain High Warlord Naj'entus, he was disposed of fairly quickly, awesome job guys and gals  ;)
Full size pic here

We also took a peek at Supremus, wow is he big, will rotate my widescreen monitor for the next raid. Not all had read up on him but we thought we'd give it a go for a laugh, got to about 40% on the 2nd (last) try. Excellent going, keep it up!

More on the 2nd post about Sundays raid and signing up (technical error in calendar)

18 Aug 2008 - Anetheron down!

Our first run of the 2nd week we've spent in Mount Hyjal and our 2nd first kill!

Big grats to all involved in our MH progress. The trash can be tedious, but we'll have it on farm in no time  ;) Keep up the good work!

07 Aug 2008 - Hyjal Summit

Rage Winterchill Killed!
Wednesday, August 6 - Dawn of the Undead ventured into the Hyjal Summit, And killed Rage Winterchill!
Was a little strugle at first, until we switched some people to alts to create a better group ballance(Iggy and Bubblewrap saved the day!), and we did it!

He dropped [item]Blessed Adamantite Bracers[/item], and [item]Bracers of Martyrdom[/item].

We even got a glimpse of Anetheron!
Had a strugle with the waves of trash mobs which precede him,
So lets hope we get him down on friday!
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