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Author Topic: one year  (Read 3432 times)


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  • one year
    « on: April 22, 2008, 01:05:15 PM »
    Today it's one year since our guild leader Zombina passed away. It's been a year of ups and downs and sometimes it felt like dotu would not survive, but we did.

    I'm proud of the fact that we stand as strong today as we did back then. Raid progress is being made, the atmosphere is friendly and we have a healthy bunch of new members to make up for the old heroes that quit. Some of the old ones even came back after seeing the error of their ways :)

    I want to thank the lot of you for making this year what it was and especially Btre for stepping up as our guild banker, Hruktar for leading our raids and Second Wind for a raid cooperation that took us into TK and SSC

    When I accepted the guild leadership of dotu I knew that I could never fill Zombinas shoes but you lot made it easier to walk in Zombinas foot steps and for that I'm forever grateful

    MC raid in remembrance of Zomb in event calendar. Hope to see you there

    Fot the Horde- Thrall be praised



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  • Re: one year
    « Reply #1 on: April 22, 2008, 01:23:47 PM »
    You will never be forgotten Zombina!


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  • Re: one year
    « Reply #2 on: April 22, 2008, 02:46:17 PM »
    Well said Higgo  :)

    We all miss Z, still weird not seeing that space in the friends list not highlighted anymore.

    A quick thx to all the guild members for making this game more than just a game, we got a great community here. And a special thanks to Higgo, you took the helm at a difficult time, but your doing a great job  ;)

    Lets have a fun time on friday revisting MC


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  • Re: one year
    « Reply #3 on: April 22, 2008, 02:53:09 PM »
    R.I.P Zombina/Dave

    I felt terrible when I read the old posts,like I knew you.Starting Dotu,a portion of whatever we do belongs to you.You created the whole community that still exists in the guild.Never met you in person but I bet you were the hell of a guy.Have fun up there mate


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  • Re: one year
    « Reply #4 on: April 22, 2008, 04:08:41 PM »
    i'll assuredly be there, with particular meaning for me as my father recently developed the same kind of problem as Z did :(

    I certainly look forward to make a "straight line" dotu style, and being da bomb like teh old times! :-)

    Can Heal, Tank, DPS, and go AFK like no other.


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  • Re: one year
    « Reply #5 on: April 22, 2008, 05:08:43 PM »
    good speech, i miss Z and thanks for all the thanks (which weren't aimed to me)
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  • Re: one year
    « Reply #6 on: April 22, 2008, 06:56:13 PM »
    A blood soaked battlefield,
    Where the dead all decay,
    Where life has all ended,
    Where there is no more fray.

    A deal has been made,
    After all the lives lost,
    The hero’s, the villains,
    And the children are the cost.

    The cost for the win,
    Where there was nothing to gain,
    Where lives are destroyed,
    And mothers anguish in pain.

    A battle to no end,
    But a slaughter in all,
    “Send our best heroes to war,
    And our nation won’t fall.”

    But with all those dead,
    And all the more dying,
    What good did the war?
    This war that was so trying.

    Those sent to a war,
    With nothing to gain,
    Where they shall die,
    We shall grieve in pain.

    Rest in peace Zombina.  And big up for Higgo for keeping these hero's together in tough times.
    .......... /```` oo).........
    ........./ |_____O MOoo..


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  • Re: one year
    « Reply #7 on: April 22, 2008, 09:49:20 PM »
    I would like to pay my respect here to Zombina. He made quite an impression on me. It still feels weird that he is no longer among us... I can still find myself missing reading his post on the forum.

    My deepest thanks to Higgo and the others officers for all the time you guys put in into the guild. You are the best!

    Since I am going to miss the MC run (going to iceland on a short vaccation) I want to wish you all a great time.

    Long live DotU

    Rest in peace Zombina


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    Re: one year
    « Reply #8 on: April 22, 2008, 10:10:14 PM »
    Hey up to Zombina!
    Miss you m8..


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  • Re: one year
    « Reply #9 on: April 23, 2008, 09:21:10 AM »
    Thank you Zombina for starting the Guild and thank you Higgo for keeping it alive.


    "What we do in wow, echos in binarycode for eternity "


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  • Re: one year
    « Reply #10 on: April 23, 2008, 09:44:54 AM »
    Good post, Higgo. Been indeed a year of ups and downs, and you did a good job of keeping us together.
    Think Zomb is happy with us up there... oh maybe a bit more naked murloc killing wouldn't hurt ;)


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  • Re: one year
    « Reply #11 on: April 25, 2008, 06:19:13 PM »
    well said higgo
    i still miss zombina very much and think often of the times and fun we had, still makes me sad even 1 year on thinking about it and reading other peoples posts.

    you wont be forgotten zombina
    i dont even no what curry to have these days sniff


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  • Re: one year
    « Reply #12 on: April 25, 2008, 07:24:21 PM »
    My main may no longer be apart of dotu but my heart is always with you and my memories of Z. I won't be able to join you for the MC run but I hope all goes well. I still have the original letter higgo sent out ingame to say Z had passed away, I saw him as a dear friend as I do all of you, even though our paths have never met in real life.
    Long live DotU and the memory of Z