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Welcome to the Dawn of the Undead forums.

For the time being registration on the website is closed as we have moved to mainly using Discord.

If you wish to get in touch with us or discuss joining the guild then please join our discord server, link to which you can find on the banner at left hand side.

For those coming here to apply, please note instructions below:

How to apply:

1. Go to
2. Click Apply to Guild
3. Fill out the form.

Applications can take a while for the officers to discuss so please be patient

More and up to date recruitment info can be found on our Wowprogress page, link also on the banner below.

Thank you

Author Topic: Karazhan - 18th March - 20:00  (Read 1585 times)


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  • Karazhan - 18th March - 20:00
    « on: March 13, 2007, 08:55:55 AM »
    [itemico]The Master's Key[/itemico]Karazhan - 18th March - 20:00

    The date is now set for the first (1) guild run into Karazhan. When? this forthcoming Sunday, the 18th March. For this first run there the raid group is being 'pre-selected'. This will hopefully allow us to make a bigger dent in that place, plus let us learn it more easily. Have a look at the 'Offical' Karazhan Attunement' thread for more information, and names for first raiding group.

    As this is the first DotU run there I expect all things to run smoothly and each piece of trash and boss to be dealt with the usual high standards that you all have come to know and expect over the last year or so of solid raiding (2). I will leave it up to you if you wish to have a look about for sources of information on the first boss (Attumen the Huntsman) we will more than likely be facing in there, Personally I have looked it up and have now got some of his details etched into my memory ;)

    As we are aiming to go this Sunday coming there are a few things that people need to be aware of:

    • DRP is NOT used or going to be used for this 10man place. Hopefully items that drop can be sorted out at the time so that we are all happy
    • Can players all make sure that they have either the latest versions of either CT_RaidAssist OR Ora2 for raiding with (Ora is more advanced than CTRA but depends on user config)
    • Can you all make sure that your equipment is fresh and shiny, fully repaired - We want Karazhan to know we take care of our kit ;)
    • Would be great if players can at least get near to the Karazhan area at least 10minutes before hand to help with the summoning stone to get other members there.

    Other than that above, I hope to see all those that are available for Sunday night present and ready for what should be an evening of fun ;)

    Oh, before I forget -  I am hoping for a start time of about 20:00, possibly slightly earlier depending on when people are available.

    (1)This will infact be the second time the guild has been here but me and Archelon don't really count - I discovered for myself that the 'Spectral Stallion' likes to melee on my butt for about 2k a hit
    (2)This is also a warning as its the first run there so expect one or two wipes, don't come crying to me when your kit is damaged


    Guild Event Manager

    Ok, after a few days of testing Guild event manager does indeed still work with the latest game patches. The channel and information we are using is for now the same as it used to be. If you do not know this information then ask any of the officers in game and they will be able to tell you. If you do not have Guild Event Manager on your system I have spent a few minutes 'pre-configuring' the addon so that it automatically connects to the correct channel, this will save you having to do any manual config - always a help ;)

    (Using this version will stop you joining the gemdefaultchan too, so you don't get all the junk events)

    If you are an existing GEM user and want to use this version check in your 'World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\ACCOUNTNAME\SavedVariables\GuildEventManager2.lua' beforehand and delete that file. Once you have done that you can download the below file and copy it to your interface/addons folder.

    'Guild Event Manager v2.243 - Dawn of the Undead adapted version'

    Cheers, hope to see some of you for Karazhan on Sunday night.
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    Re: Karazhan - 18th March - 20:00
    « Reply #1 on: March 13, 2007, 02:23:14 PM »
    Just wanted to wish you guys GL in there, hope you have fun ^^


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    Re: Karazhan - 18th March - 20:00
    « Reply #2 on: March 13, 2007, 04:02:33 PM »
    Aint gonna spoil any fun parts, but plz do remember that after first pull you have 25 mins to engage Midnight or else... :)

    Good luck and have fun