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Author Topic: Social Application for my DK and DH :) [Accepted]  (Read 296 times)


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  • Social Application for my DK and DH :) [Accepted]
    « on: October 06, 2018, 09:58:49 PM »
    I would like to join as a social with my DK and my DH. I am currently levelling them to 120. At the moment have no plans of raiding (giga tilted raiding on Alliance as my Druid) but maybe this will change in the future  ;)  O0
    1) name, class, level, spec, alts
    DK = grizzlydk (120, blood)
    DH = grizzlegion (120, havoc)
    2) where are you from and how old are you?
    England, 19
    3) If you could be one boss who would it be and why?
    Kil'jaeden. There's something so cool about him and the fact in the cinematic lead up to Tomb, he argued with even Sargeras makes him a badass in my opinion
    4) Do you have an authenticator?
    Aye aye.
    5) What achievement are you proudest to have acomplished?
    Trilliax Mythic kill. Even though it was only third boss of nighthold, the time and effort my guild at the time put into it, made it feel like we was killing the last boss of the tier.
    6) Whats your current guild and why do you want to leave them?
    Don't have a current guild for Horde, was in the guild Incoming but they left for Tarren Mill and I didn't follow.
    7) Do you know anyone in DotU?
    Nox, the rogue. Met in Legion and been friends since.
    8 ) Is insisting on  mature language in guildchat: a) excellent! Finally  someone who wont take it anymore b) cramping your style c) censorship and the officers should get a sense of humor?
    Depends. Banter is cool, and I like to join in and can give as much as I can take, but if someone is uber sensitive then respecting that is a priority I think.
    9) should questions like these be taken serious at all?
    Of course, questionnaires and applications are always important to like, gauge a person on their answers. Plus ones that make you think like these ones are pretty cool.
    10) do you really want to join dotu or did you get rejected everywhere else?
    For sure, when i was in Incoming, they were always our top rival and i always thought it was pretty cool the mini competition we had to get highest Horde during Legion. Plus, I know Nox as i said, and he says the guild is very good so sounds pretty legit place to be.

    (edited because im finally properly awake and noticed the sticky message.)
    Don't know if this is needed but here are my logs from when i was raiding on my druid during Uldir ( ) and my armoury for her ( )
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  • Re: Social Application for my DK and DH :)
    « Reply #1 on: October 14, 2018, 01:01:40 PM »
    You're a hard person to track down. Can you add me on instead?


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  • Re: Social Application for my DK and DH :)
    « Reply #2 on: October 14, 2018, 07:02:18 PM »
    Send it. Sorry, I've been busy and I hope I didn't cause you too much stress.

    My BNet is: Cake#21699