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Author Topic: Social Raider/Dungeons Application - Retribution Paladin [Rejected]  (Read 291 times)


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  • Name: Silandra
    Class: Paladin
    Level: 120 (ilvl 344)
    Spec: Retribution but transitioning to Protection
    Alts: Nyrala - Demon hunter currently leveling her up.

    Where are you from and how old are you?
    I'm from Bulgaria, 19 years old turning 20 this November.

    If you could be one boss who would it be and why?
    Arthas. Because Syndragosa is my pet. I can ride a skeletal dragon. Who doesn't want to ride a skeletal dragon?!

    Do you have an authenticator?
    No. I've used it but disabled because I feel like I don't really need it. No one has access to my computer but me.

    What achievement are you proudest to have accomplished?
    For the Horde! - Raiding the capitals of the alliance with over 20 people was the best feeling I've ever had playing this game. It was during WotlK so it's very santimental to me.

    Whats your current guild and why do you want to leave them?
    My guild was Killswitch. I left because certain people don't have common sense and bring personal problems to the guild and make other guild members feel bad for no reason.

    Do you know anyone in DotU?
    No. Not as of now. I hope I will get to meet all of you tho!

    Is insisting on  mature language in guildchat: a) excellent! Finally  someone who wont take it anymore b) cramping your style c) censorship and the officers should get a sense of humor?
    I'm a really chill and laid back person so I don't mind swearing or dropping the F bomb at all. I have a good sense of humor and I can take jokes. It lightens up the mood overall in my humble opinion. Everyone needs a good laugh from time to time. :)

    Should questions like these be taken serious at all?

    Do you really want to join dotu or did you get rejected everywhere else?
    Yes. I really do want to join dotu. I can clearly see you are people that passionately enjoy WoW as much as I do and I hope to share great moments with you all. And no I haven't requested invites to other guilds.Also I haven't been rejected from another guild.

    This is my main:

    P.S. I'm at work during weekdays 9pm till 5pm realm time. After that I'm almost always online and ready for anything.

    Thank you for your time!
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  • Hi Silandra!  8)

    Thanks for the application. We'll review it and get back to you.


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  • Hi again!

    I added you in game and will poke you for a little chat :)