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Author Topic: Ancient ally looking for a safe haven [ACCEPTED]  (Read 334 times)


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  • Ancient ally looking for a safe haven [ACCEPTED]
    « on: November 19, 2017, 04:09:43 AM »
    1) name, class, level, spec, alts
    Svartfaðir (Stormscale, more than willing to server transfer), Priest, 110, Shadow. Lots of alts on 110
    2) where are you from and how old are you?
    I'm from Iceland, and i'm 28 years old (for now)
    3) If you could be one boss who would it be and why?
    Ragnaros, for if someone enters my bedroom I will also shout "Too soon!!!"
    4) Do you have an authenticator?
    5) What achievement are you proudest to have accomplished?
    All the anniversary achievements, i think i have them all.
    6) Whats your current guild and why do you want to leave them?
    My current guild is Diabolical Tendencies (Stormscale), but it is pretty much dead.
    7) Do you know anyone in DotU?
    Not sure. Is Hack, Hruktar, Kazz or Doll still playing? If not, then probably not
    8 ) Is insisting on  mature language in guildchat: a) excellent! Finally  someone who wont take it anymore b) cramping your style c) censorship and the officers should get a sense of humor?
    Tbh, I can adopt to any language preference you want, mature or not.
    9) should questions like these be taken serious at all?
    They should be at least taken seriously enough to answer.
    10) do you really want to join DotU or did you get rejected everywhere else?
    I would really like to rejoin DotU. I haven't mentioned it so far but I was a DotU member back in Vanilla and actually participated in most of the Guild First Vanilla kills. My old nickname used to be Newfrontier and i can be seen in at least the "Ragnaros First Kill" video and the "DotU one year on" Video.

    Back in the day my online handle used to be "Newfrontier" and I was a member of this guild a long long time ago. If you all feel like taking back an old-timer, please give me a holler :)

    Lots of Love
    Newfrontier :)
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    It's only a lever, what could possibly go wrong.....


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  • Re: Ancient ally looking for a safe haven
    « Reply #1 on: November 19, 2017, 02:49:48 PM »
    Heya man, (yes, this is a copy/paste, same as the reply to Dofri's app!)

    Long long long time since I last saw your name! So.. back when we were doing Molton Core you would have been what, 13? 14 years old? I am guessing that this is a social app for the moment with thoughts of raiding in the future?

    Aaanyywaaay accepted, Contact a officer (me on Hack#2733, Moykky at Moykkymoo#2852 or Grazzy. I don't know his battletag, I slack. As Usual) and we can have a chat :)
    Hack, Ryot, Hackmage, Mooer, Asylum, Hackster, Slinkee, Boneyman..
    Back and still being a sucky Arms warrior!