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Author Topic: MW/BwM Monk [Social]  (Read 190 times)


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  • MW/BwM Monk [Social]
    « on: September 01, 2017, 12:41:54 AM »
    Hello Dotu. So first of all, I am applying as a social. I know u said on your Read First post, that you do not want alts, only active characters. But I am almost as active on my alt(s) as my main, sometimes even more. Not sure if your ten lines were things to just fill out, but anyway that is kind of what I ended up doing :)

    1) I have 2-3 characters that I play a lot. My raiding main is a Balance Druid. The one I am applying to play with you guys on is a Monk -
     dabbling a bit in all specs, but mainly Mistweaver. I also have a mage I am starting to play more and more, but I don't know if you allow socials more than one char in the guild.
     A) Druid
     B) Monk

    2) I am from Denmark, and 27 years old.

    3) I would probably want to be High Botanist Tel'arn, simply because he can turn into 3 parts of himself, how awesome is that? I'd be well on my way to making my own M+ team then xD Also if I do have to be the bad guy, I would prefer to be the crazy florist guy caught up in his experiments :P

    4) Cellphone, check. Authenticator app, check.

    5) If we are talking WoW time it would probably be raid leading in WotLK & MoP. I had my own guild on alliance side in WotLK, Oscuro, which was a 10-man HC guild. I also led HC raids in parts of MoP for Questionable Ethics team 2. I think I did both things fairly well, and those are some of my best WoW memories.

    6) Have non on the mentioned character. I was in Ex Cineribus which dies, which is why my main is now on another server, in another guild :>

    7) Not that I know off, but probably crossed paths with someone, considering how long I have been on Doomhammer :)

    8 ) I do appreciate mature language, as long as it doesn't mean it's now allowed to play around and do some friendly banter and what not ;)

    9) I can appreciate a guild still asking questions before inviting, and since we all would prefer to play with people we enjoy playing with, I take them seriously.

    10) I do want to join your guild. I looked a bit around and what options I have on Doomhammer horde side, and I can honestly say you are the first and best candidate as a social guild for me. I want to find like minded players to do the content with I do (won't be raiding, so M+ and other stuff), and you seem to be a good fit.

    Feroz#2517 is my btag in case u want to talk to me. I am starting uni while also working on the side, so next few days I might not be on that much, but if you want to ask me anything you can always try to graba hold of me on bnet :)


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  • Re: MW/BwM Monk [Social]
    « Reply #1 on: September 03, 2017, 03:20:10 AM »
    Thanks for the application!


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  • Re: MW/BwM Monk [Social]
    « Reply #2 on: September 03, 2017, 10:10:14 PM »
    Accepted, added you in game, but you can contact any other officer for a quick chat.