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Please Read

Welcome to the Dawn of the Undead forums.

For the time being registration on the website is closed as we have moved to mainly using Discord.

If you wish to get in touch with us or discuss joining the guild then please join our discord server, link to which you can find on the banner at left hand side.

For those coming here to apply, please note instructions below:

How to apply:

1. Go to
2. Click Apply to Guild
3. Fill out the form.

Applications can take a while for the officers to discuss so please be patient

More and up to date recruitment info can be found on our Wowprogress page, link also on the banner below.

Thank you

Disclaimer: The following is written by a 3 year old Undead Mage who's brain has decomposed quite significantly since starting WoW and it is quite possible that all the facts 'n figures of Dotu's history are not present in this article.

Dawn of the Undead (dotu) was born on the 4th of June 2005. (no, it was not anything to do with our American friends across the pond, purely a coincidence)

It was the brainchild of Zombina, an Undead Mage who at the level of 35 decided to create a place for her and her new found friends to call home.

Originally Dotu was an Undead only themed guild, this lasted for many months until we all started hitting the level cap of 60 and soon realised that having no Druids, Shaman or to a lesser extent Hunters progress would have been extremely slow if not impossible. And so, we opened our gates later in the year to Trolls, Orcs and Taurens , there was tusk shavings, bulky Kermit the Frog type creatures and cow sh*t everywhere.

It was shortly after this time that we merged with another guild, Heroes of Thrall who's leader was an Orc named Higgo (you may have heard of him).
In 2006 we started raiding. Most guilds have a label, there either a 'Casual' or 'Raiding' guild. We tryed to do both but it had its problems and a possible solution was thought of, a sister guild was born. Dawn Raiders was created in June and involved around 50 members who's key interest was raiding, moving over to this new guild. With both guilds working together, we cleared most of The Molten Core by July. However keeping both guilds together was proving very difficult as there is no in-game support for 'alliances', and we started to drift apart. Although there was no serious conflict, officers decided to re-merge the two guilds before the gap became too much.

We also had our second merge (yes, ok, we like merging, guess its our 'thing'), with STORM who we formed quite a good raiding relationship with. As our previous site (well, 'we have a history of webbys going 'boom!') went down, i cant remember when we had this merge, guessing around the summer?

In 2007, we saw the release of The Burning Crusade. One of the many features in this expansion was the reduction of people per raid, from 40, to 25. This meant that guilds didn't have to have a huge pool of players in order to raid and like so many other guilds, we downsized. Not a bad thing, but a few long-time friends moved on, some created there own guilds, some left WoW for good with talk about 'real life', heard about that before......meh

2007 also saw tremendous grief. The passing of our dear friend and Guild Leader, Zombina.
After a long fight with an illness, Z passed away on Sunday, 22nd of April. Still chokes me up whilst typing this. The thread can be found here:

Shortly before Z's passing, leadership was handed over. Higgo has done outstanding job considering the circumstances and continues to lead Dotu into 2008

Dawn of the Undead has had its ups and down throughout the years as do does any guild, but it has brought many players together and great friendships have been made. You can never predict the future, but hopefully Dotu will continue to do just that.

If ive missed anything out (probably) just leave a comment and i'll update it

I used WarcraftRealms for some of the dates above, also went through the 'ex-members' page and some names brought back nice memories of players who have since left WoW (or ran away to another realm / character maybe?), thought id list some:
Cza (aka Ipswich) - One of our first officers, may even have been on the guild charter. Still keep in contact, think ive got him on facebook
Duraneth - One of our key priests in MC
Edinbear - One of our first officers and host of our first site, may even have been on the guild charter
Feagan - Another key priest in our MC days
Gnorrl - Tank and officer /salute
Klischy - Uber healer and mate;
Potato - Officer, think he had an alt named Masteh
Robyn - One of the first officers, havn't heard from him in ages
Scheer - Tank during MC days...i think
Sequrity - Every officer had the macro of '/rw Seq, wake up!' for raids, but we loved him
Sleak - Officer and rlf of Gnorrl
Starmaker - Looks like he's back in WoW, but deserves to go on this hall of fame for the thread in the officer forums that he inspired, we might make it public it was that good
Toxicsoul - Class leader and long time friend of many in dotu
Wrug - Host of our 2nd site
Hack - Awesome warrior and did loads of stuff for the website despite coming and going from the guild all the time (note, Hack may have also updated this page and added himself to it since he felt left out of the list..)

11/12/07 - Kazzul
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