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Please Read

Welcome to the Dawn of the Undead forums.

For the time being registration on the website is closed as we have moved to mainly using Discord.

If you wish to get in touch with us or discuss joining the guild then please join our discord server, link to which you can find on the banner at left hand side.

For those coming here to apply, please note instructions below:

How to apply:

1. Go to
2. Click Apply to Guild
3. Fill out the form.

Applications can take a while for the officers to discuss so please be patient

More and up to date recruitment info can be found on our Wowprogress page, link also on the banner below.

Thank you

Raid Rules:

Signing up / Available

In order to come to a raid, you must first show your interest by signing up. You do that on our Raid Planner here on the webby. The signups close at 18:00!

For raider ranks, the main raid days are Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday.

During Heroic progress at the start of the expansion, we are often adding extra Saturday raid as the social members / raiders alt / farm run on Normal mode.
Later on during Mythic progress, the farm night varies depending the progress and lineup etc.

Raid times are set at 20:30 - 23:00 (server time).
However a raid may finish earlier or slightly later than these times depending on the situation.
On the evening of the raid we start invites 15mins before the actual raid start time (20:15), it makes everyone's life easier if people are online at this time so that the raid leader can look for replacements and alter the setup of the group. If you are late we cannot guarantee your place will be kept.

If you sign up on a Guild run, we expect you to not be saved (loot locked) on bosses. We also expect our Raider ranks not to pug the content we are currently raiding. If you thinking about joining a random group or have a week where our raid times simply don't suite you, talk with officers about it first. Otherwise being saved or pugging current raid content might lead to raider rank being demoted.

Everyone must read up on boss fights, don't read up? then please don't sign at all, as your wasting other raiders time that they have put aside from their lives.
For boss tactics, we'll generally use IcyVeins and Fatboss guides.

Raiders must come with the following addons installed / enabled, you can download these from (

Deadly Boss Mods or Bigwigs
Exorsus Raid tools

Voice and outside game chat
We use Discord for voice, make sure to have it installed before the raid (

When a Raid Leader or Officer is starting the invites for the raid, the main factor for choosing people besides what class's we need is rank. The system speaks for itself, a member with the rank of 'Warbringer' will chosen above someone with the rank of 'Adventurer'. For more information of ranks, see the Guild Info article.

May join the raids where its mentioned on raid notes. Usually alt runs are on sunday once the content is on farm. You can make a new character profile for your alt or write on your mains note the alt name and ilvl that you'd like to come with, when signing for the raid. We need certain amount of tanks, healers and even main dps, so it might be that not everyone can bring their alt to same raid, some rotations might be needed. Also make sure that your alt has the required ilvls, enchants and so on, what is required for the raid.
Sometimes the Raid Leader might ask you to bring your alt for a certain role, for example if we are missing a tank or healer and your alt can fill that role.

During the Raid
Using Foods, Flasks, Potions/Elixirs and runes for new bosses helps immensely. Make sure to bring the stuff requested in the raid planner.
If you lack something, make sure to ask officers before the raid and check the guild bank if you could lend some from there.

Raid Behaviour
A raid is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, but a certain level of maturity is expected from our raiders during a raid. Obviously we don't expect complete silence and eye squinting 110% concentration for 3 hours, have a good laugh with your fellow raiders but realise when its time to listen up (when a raid leader is giving instructions for example).

Don't whisper RL's with questions that can be answered by "20" other people, or tactic suggestions. Everytime you do, it stops them communicating to "20" others and having to focus on just you.
A fellow raid member having a tough night? Repeatedly having problems with 1 aspect of a boss fight? 'are you retarded' don't help much  They just add to the pressure on that raider, see what you can do to help instead.

Don't start giving out instructions that contradict what the RL's are telling everyone. Having 10 people giving out different information only confuses people and wastes time.
If you have any major suggestions or tweaks, use the forum. For minor / quick adjustments, use raid, but as a question, not a instruction to others.

This can be a issue that effects DPS more than any other role, wait, we're not picking on you, keep reading  You may feel like your being ignored at times in /raid chat, but the answer is that RL's just don't have the time to chat in /raid all the time.
For example, theres /o (officer chat) /dawntank (tank chat) & /dawnheal (healing chat) as well as /raid chat to deal with. The reason for all these channels is to cut the spam in /raid. If a boss attempt is unsuccessfully then tweaks & changes happen in these channels, if they spent more time in /raid then we would move even slower.
You're not being ignored.

Well we know these happen (sometimes more than they should), but please try to remain focused on the job at hand. If you are required to corpse run, do so quickly, don't wait around. A large amount of raid time can be lost while waiting for one or two people to get back into the instance after dieing, a needless waste of everyone's time. Get back into waiting positions as quickly as possible, buff up and be ready to go when any tactical adjustments have been relayed.

We usually have 1 break in raid, around halfway of the raid, for 5 minutes. People who arent back in time will be given 1 min countdown before being removed from the raid.
If you need to go afk outside of these times, please say, don't just leave 20 other people waiting around. If its because you fancy a smoke, or your mates calling on your phone, please leave that until the planned breaks. If its an emergency then its a different matter and of course do what you need to do, but try to keep us informed. Too often everyone takes turns going afk one after the other, where possible everyone can have a break at the same time leading to less wasted time. After all it's not the men's toilets, more than 1 person at a time isn't a bad thing.

For distributing precious epic gears, we use Master looter / loot council by officers.
This is to fasten up gearing the whole raid, getting rid of those low ilvl pieces and to ensure that people have better change of the correct secondary stats for Mythic progression. When sorting the loot we are looking at: rank, ilvl, bis stats, loot history, attendance, roll.. and trying to keep it as "1loot/run".

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