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01 Aug 2019 - 1/8 Mythic Sivara down!

4th pull in and we downed Sivara, interesting fight, little more complex than the usual first boss tank and spank.

After few frustrating weeks, the gnome supreme commander bit the dust!

23 May 2019 - King Rastakhan Down 6/9

Rastakhan??! Rastakhan't!

Recruitment still open, looking for few more skilled players to bolster our team, if you feel like you could add something drop and application on our forum.
After a week progression Conclave fell with relative ease, good job all.

Bring me Rastakhan!

04 May 2019 - Mythic Oppulence looted!

So Rita Repulsa's Goldar finally was killed!

We're now 4/9
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