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18 Apr 2017 - Cenarious is Censored

6/7 EN Mythic, one to go...

11 Apr 2017 - Evil Tree Chopped

Emerald Nightmares Il'gynoth Mythic Killed (5/7), just two left to go
Well done to all for Skorpyron Mythic NH Kill (1/10M)

Our resident artist been commissioned to draw an epic image of the encounter.

Welcome back to Heckler into raiding, nice easy start for you. Well done to the rest DotU raid team.

Also thanks to our friends in Familiar and also Cazimonde for filling in for missing spots

We had some nice raids this week, Thursday 8/10 clear allowed us to do something different on sunday and go check out Mythic Skorpyron. And of course yesterday we had all night to push the phase 3 on Gul'Dan and finally get him killed!

We went in with 15 people raid and with 4 healers and got the kill after only 3 wipes.
Although it was a very close one, he went down at 11:59, the enrage timer being 12 mins, so still need to push that dps for next time and keep everyone alive :)

So first kill done! Yey! Next time hopefully with slightly bigger raid to get the kill and curve for more raiders every week!

As we turn our eyes towards Mythic raids more and more now, i hope everyone can still find motivation to keep on pushing progress and keeping raiding going ;)

We know Mythic NH will need a bit pushing on our performance, thus we will still focus on clearing HC every week to get everyone's ilvl up a bit!
And ofcourse we still have EN Mythic that we can go and clear, so plenty still to do!

Cheers, M√∂ykkers  8)

Yesterday we finally got to Gul'Dan for the first time!

Before that, although a couple warm up wipes on Etraeus, we had a nice 1 shot kills on Tichondrius, Krosus and Elisande.

Gul'Dan next, weeee! :)

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