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Kill pics from last 2 progress raids :)

On tuesday we got Star Augur Etraeus down!

And on thursday High Botanist Tel'arn!

GJ all, last 2 soon to fall! :)

16 Feb 2017 - Tichondrius 6/10 HC!

First proper night on Tichondrius and with a slow but steady progress we managed to get a kill just before raid end!

With a little tweaking on tactics, lets hope we get dps up a bit for next time :)


Botanist next ;)

Mr. Aluriel was the first boss to give us a bit to do in Nighthold. Fun fight with some add mechanics that needed to be handled right!
After a few nights and wipes we finaly got him down yesterday and a very nice 1 shot kill again tonight!

Good job!  8)

We also got some goes on Krosus on tuesday, so tonight we mostly knew what to do on it and got 1 more progress kill and a nice 5/10 thursday raid!
As we rushed for next boss, kind of forgot to take the kill pic, but something else is coming up shortly so no worries! :p

EDIT: and here it is!   :-*
by: krzysio

Ended the evening with 3 pulls on Tichondrius and got to 40% so expecting to kill it and get to Botanist on tuesday :)

07 Feb 2017 - First 3 dead!

In the end of 2nd week, after Nighthold Normal was cleared we got the first 3 bosses down in Heroic!

Pics only a week late  8)




30 Jan 2017 - Gul'dan is Crashed

After a nice 9/10 thursday, it only took us couple goes on sunday evening to get Gul'Dan down and normal Nighthold cleared!

Good job all!  8)

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