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We had some nice raids this week, Thursday 8/10 clear allowed us to do something different on sunday and go check out Mythic Skorpyron. And of course yesterday we had all night to push the phase 3 on Gul'Dan and finally get him killed!

We went in with 15 people raid and with 4 healers and got the kill after only 3 wipes.
Although it was a very close one, he went down at 11:59, the enrage timer being 12 mins, so still need to push that dps for next time and keep everyone alive :)

So first kill done! Yey! Next time hopefully with slightly bigger raid to get the kill and curve for more raiders every week!

As we turn our eyes towards Mythic raids more and more now, i hope everyone can still find motivation to keep on pushing progress and keeping raiding going ;)

We know Mythic NH will need a bit pushing on our performance, thus we will still focus on clearing HC every week to get everyone's ilvl up a bit!
And ofcourse we still have EN Mythic that we can go and clear, so plenty still to do!

Cheers, M√∂ykkers  8)

Yesterday we finally got to Gul'Dan for the first time!

Before that, although a couple warm up wipes on Etraeus, we had a nice 1 shot kills on Tichondrius, Krosus and Elisande.

Gul'Dan next, weeee! :)

Kill pics from last 2 progress raids :)

On tuesday we got Star Augur Etraeus down!

And on thursday High Botanist Tel'arn!

GJ all, last 2 soon to fall! :)

16 Feb 2017 - Tichondrius 6/10 HC!

First proper night on Tichondrius and with a slow but steady progress we managed to get a kill just before raid end!

With a little tweaking on tactics, lets hope we get dps up a bit for next time :)


Botanist next ;)

Mr. Aluriel was the first boss to give us a bit to do in Nighthold. Fun fight with some add mechanics that needed to be handled right!
After a few nights and wipes we finaly got him down yesterday and a very nice 1 shot kill again tonight!

Good job!  8)

We also got some goes on Krosus on tuesday, so tonight we mostly knew what to do on it and got 1 more progress kill and a nice 5/10 thursday raid!
As we rushed for next boss, kind of forgot to take the kill pic, but something else is coming up shortly so no worries! :p

EDIT: and here it is!   :-*
by: krzysio

Ended the evening with 3 pulls on Tichondrius and got to 40% so expecting to kill it and get to Botanist on tuesday :)

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