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An epic kill it was!

as no one important died...

Nice first week into ToS. Cleared normal on thursday and sunday and on tuesday had first HC raid, killing 3 first bosses. Kill pics below :)

New moon!


Demonic Inquisition


It died too.

18 Apr 2017 - Cenarious is Censored

6/7 EN Mythic, one to go...

11 Apr 2017 - Evil Tree Chopped

Emerald Nightmares Il'gynoth Mythic Killed (5/7), just two left to go
Well done to all for Skorpyron Mythic NH Kill (1/10M)

Our resident artist been commissioned to draw an epic image of the encounter.

Welcome back to Heckler into raiding, nice easy start for you. Well done to the rest DotU raid team.

Also thanks to our friends in Familiar and also Cazimonde for filling in for missing spots

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