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Fun fight good kill  8)

We also got few pulls on Kil'Jaeden already, seems like another fun fight ;D

Turns out that a extra kill picture for Desolate Host has just surfaced!

Supplied by the combination of Aryawen and Krzysio talents

13 Jul 2017 - ToS Heroic 7/9!

On tuesday we managed to kill 3 new bosses. We've had a few goes on both Mistress and Desolate Host before so was about time they both died now :)

Mistress was a nice one shot but Desolate Host needed some tuning still.

Maiden was pretty easy as she died only after 6 wipes.

We also got few goes on Fallen Avatar already and saw that nice P2, looking forward on that one :)


An epic kill it was!

as no one important died...

Nice first week into ToS. Cleared normal on thursday and sunday and on tuesday had first HC raid, killing 3 first bosses. Kill pics below :)

New moon!


Demonic Inquisition


It died too.

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