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30 Jan 2017 - Gul'dan is Crashed

After a nice 9/10 thursday, it only took us couple goes on sunday evening to get Gul'Dan down and normal Nighthold cleared!

Good job all!  8)

18 Jan 2017 - Itsy Bitsy Spider

Tonights raid was the last one of this tier but also a first full night we had on the Spider really. After few wipes a nice 3% go and it only took couple more goes to get him down!
Nice push this week! GJ everyone!  8)

"The itsy-bitsy spider
climbed up the water spout.
Dawn of the Undead
washed the spider out!
Out came the sun
and dried up all the rain.
And the itsy-bitsy spider
climbed up the spout again."

Last night we got some nice progress updates, as we cleared ToV HC for the first time with an awesome one shot on Helya!

As we still had more than 1 hour left, we went to Mythic EN and finally got a new bear rug from Ursoc!

Big thanks and GJ to everyone who helped us out during the progress!

Next week we move to new raid content as Nighthold opens :)


31 Dec 2016 - ToV HC 2/3

Kill pictures from yesterday!  8)

Good raid balance and tiny adjustment on tactics and we finally got HC Odyn down with a smooth 2nd pull of the evening, GJ!

So first time on the heroic doggy and after 1 ninja(neezy) pull and 1 reminder of the running around, we got the kill with 3rd pull!


Helya next  8)

Good afternoon DotU peeps..

All being well you should now be seeing the new theme for the website. I have been making this up for the last few months (hey, I have two jobs and like to slack too!) with feedback from the officers. For the most part the site is kinda done (yes, there are a few little tweaks that need making). Layouts have changed ever so slightly so it may take a few mins to work where things have gone and what has replaced them.

1/ New shoutbox on the Forum index page (and each forum page, only hides on the front page) which is a little more robust than the previous one, allows you to view shout history and hopefully it won't delete content after 24 hours like the previous one did (oh and it spams you when someone posts a new thread or reply).

2/ I have mucked about with the codebase of the site and made it work somewhat on mobile phones.. on a smaller screen you will and do loose some features at the moment (basically, anything that is on the left column) but you should be able to use the site now without having to zoom in and out all the time.

As usual, if you have any feedback or suggestions for what you would like to see added or changed then feel free to let me know and I'll see what I can do for it :)

(and yes, I am taking advantage of my mighty forum 'overlord admin code hacking' ranking to make this post on the front page :P )

Hack :D
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