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A nice 1 shot kill on Sisters yesterday  8)

Desolate Host already on 35% too! GJ everyone, keep it up =)

2 days later...  8)

"One Shot One Kill" - WM

Another one bites the dust! Nice 1 shot kill tonight. Getting to sisters already around break time was nice indeed.

We took an early night, tuesday hopefully proper Sisters progress then, GJ tonite! :)

04 Oct 2017 - Mythic Harjatan! (2/9)

Another boss down in Mythic difficulty!  8)

We already got some attempts on DI, 11% best go so next time with proper preparation, expecting a kill ;)

GJ all, keep it up!

18 Sep 2017 - Mythic Goroth!

Hej, btw! We killed a Mythic boss! Woop Woop!  8)

(Check the nub on the right, wrong way lol!)

Past couple of weeks we've had about 50 wipes of uhm "practise" :p
Finally today the last phases started to work out too and we managed to get a kill!

Congratz to all the raiders who've been part of the Heroic progress throughout the Tomb of Sargeras.

We'll keep on working to get the place on farm and hopefully get the Curve achievement for all the raiders who want it.

Last week we had few goes on Goroth on Mythic already and now we'll start looking more into that bit of fun :P



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