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First week of January and DotU Mythic Antorus conquest got us nice 2 kills right away and kept us on Horde side's top spot after the holiday weeks  8)

First boss wasn't that bad as we had couple pulls the night before.

Garothi wipes 10

Doggies on the otherhand, besides the boss abilities having a bit of learning curve, we also had to deal with numerous amounts of bad luck during the raid. Disconnects, Intel bugs, teliports, hunter tears and burning washing machines etc. Extra pic on the comments ;)

Felhounds wipes 27

Weeeeee!  8)

Good Job all, whom been part of normal and heroic raids so far!!

We'll start looking into Mythic raids now, while still prioritising gearing up the Guild on Heroic ;)

17 Dec 2017 - Antorus Heroic 10/11

Well, Aggramar died last Tuesday. This picture though..

must be one of the worsts we've done  ::)

11 Dec 2017 - Antorus Heroic 9/11

Coven of Shivarra down after some Heroic practise!

Aggramar turned out to be a bit harder than expected, best go was 8%. Little tuning and we'll get him down on Tuesday!

08 Dec 2017 - Antorus Heroic 8/11

Pushing for Heroic progress and full clear on this 2nd week, we got a nice start with 8/11 cleared on Thursday already.

Hopefully get the last 3 down on Sunday, to get started with Mythics on Tuesday 8)

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