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19 Mar 2016 - HFC Mythic 5/13

19 people raid again with no hunters wasn't the best setup for this boss, but in the end it was worth giving it a go anyways right? =)

I think it's kewl that we still go with what we have and maybe struggle a bit but we managed to make it work and progress as a guild!

Besides, it was such a dotu style first kill again, with announced last pull of the evening ;D

Really good job everyone!

Gorefiend next!! ;p

02 Mar 2016 - HFC Mythic 4/13

High Council down, oh wait what?! :)

Also got fair amount of pulls on Kilrogg already, plan would be to get him down next week! ;)

Keep it up, nice progress so far!

24 Feb 2016 - HFC Mythic 3/13

They dropping like flies now ;p

First evening on Kormrok, got him down after about 2 hours, 14th pull!

Really awesome job everyone!

We also had 6 pulls on High Council already and managed to kill both Bloodboil and Jubei'thos.
Sadly half of the raid was so exited when Jubei'thos died, that we started to run to finish off Dia when Ghosts were flying around and BOOOM! Half the raid dead! ;D

They'll go down next time :)

21 Feb 2016 - HFC Mythic 2/13

Pic from last thursday!!  8)

03 Feb 2016 - HFC Mythic 1/13

Good job tonite! :)

A nice, clean kill after hc upper wing with 19 people!!

We have the gear to start progressing Mythic, now all we need is for everyone to keep on signing on thursdays and tuesdays!

Also start reading up on Iron Reaver! ;)
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