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20 Jun 2008 - Hex Lord downed!

After defeating his 4 animal/god/warrior thingy do-da's, Malacrass fell after a few tries

Big grats to all the Dotu members involved and Oracle who was kind enough to come along to fill the last spot  ;)

Then onto the Warlord himself, Zul'jin, although he was a little more stubborn, seems a little easier than Malacrass though, few attempts got him to the 18% ish mark, he'll go down soon enough, keep up the good work all!

07 Jun 2008 - guildmovie

Dragos video from our Zombina remembrance party.

Link to our Guild Movies section

Well...he didn't put up much of a fight did he  :)
Big grats to all involved in our first Friday night 25man run, our 2nd night of Leo and he went down.

The Dotu / SW raiding team is now 5/6 SSC and 3/4 in TK, been a great month with 4 new kills, good job all! *sniff, sniff* whats that smell?...oh, its MH and BT!

As mentioned before, this was out first Friday night of 25man raiding, we are currently trying this night for every other week, so it raises our raid time a little, we'll see how it goes over the coming weeks.

Link to full size screeny yeah i know, quite a bad pic, post one if better  ;)

Big grats to all Dotu / SW raiders who helped in the brushing aside of Karathress!
He didn't put up much of a fight as this was our first night of attempts on this him.

We then took a peek at Leotheras the Blind, apparently his morale took a dive seeing Karathress slain so soon, but he managed to keep 11% of his health, ah well, next week  ;)

Full size screenie here

18 May 2008 - Morogrim Down!

After only a handful of attempts last week and some practice tonight, our last go before we we're gonna end the raid, Morogrim Tidewalker was downed.

Progress has been great lately, 3/4 TK, 3/6 SSC, big grats to all SW / Dotu raiders involved.

Onto Karathress!

Full size pic here
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