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12 Apr 2008 - Jan'alai dead

Funny how easy this fight is with a tankadin, got both sides clear after two hatchers. After that it's just tank'n'spank :)

Grats to all involved, and if anyone took a screenie, upload please.
(totally forgot in the celebration).

We got quite a few tries on Hex Lord Malacrass too, definitely seems doable but hard, best try was 19%. Encouraging.

06 Apr 2008 - Al'ar got Shrimp'd!

Well, it had to happen soon. After a few raids to get used to the fight, phase 1 mastered fairly quickly with 2 coming not to far behind, Al'ar went down.

Also on the menu tonight was Void Reaver. Since patch 2.4 he no longer targets players when sending out orbs so mods we're useless, but after a few goes to get used to this he also went down.
Big grats to Dotu / SW, another kill to our excellent raiding group  :)

05 Apr 2008 - Halazzi down!

We haven't spent much time on ZA so far in 2008, this was our 2nd / 3rd run? With Nalorakk and Akil'zon swept aside without any real trouble, our next target was Halazzi who we've had very little experience with but he also decided to throw in the towel. Big grats to all involved, was a great night, we also had a try or two on Jan'alai, he should fall soon

Oh! and grats to Iggy!  ;D

06 Mar 2008 - Dead Reaver!

Void Reaver slained last night, good job to all involved, specially considering we were kinda close to not getting started on a raid at all.

The King of Fel Reavers, take the punishment for all the frustrations we ever felt trying to level our way through Hellfire Peninsula when you suddenly get stomped by a big bad Fel Reaver....



25 Feb 2008 - Hydross down

Last night just before end of raid, our DotU-SW raid force killed Hydross in the damp cave known as Wailing Serpentshrine Caverns.

It was a great feat considering all in all it was about our 7-8th try ever. Bring on the rest!

Very good job and grats to the winners of the phat lewt!

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