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07 Feb 2008 - BTRE

The DKP system has been finalised and rules have been added to make it as fair as possible. You can read the rules on the following post.

The second update is regarding Dotu members only. It is a update regarding guild rules which can be found using the 'Guild Information' box on the left side of our site. The info "Mains & Alts" has been added.
Thanks to all who participated in last night's fantastic raid, where we killed Magtheridon after a 1% wipe, then proceeded to one shot Gruul's Lair.

This shows we are on the right track towards T5 content. Keep up the good work!

According to the wishes of the majority, we are going to continue to use the bidding system for loot distribution on our raids

You can check the result of the poll here.

Thanks for casting you vote,


17 Jan 2008 - Magtheridon Down!!!

After just two days of hard work, the joint forces of DotU and SW have absolutely blown Magtheridon into smithereens (whatever that is).

Big Grats and Thanks go out to all involved in the kill, and to the winners of the 5 epics!

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