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29 Dec 2007 - Big Bird bites the dust

On a fantastic raid last night DotU killed Akil'Zon in Zul'Aman. Would have been one-shot as well, if not for a sudden mouse battery death at 15%.

Congratulations and thanks for all involved: Argamor, Btre, Bullrash, Deafknight, Dottz, Fulgore, Glorfidel, Hruktar, Rastakask and Sirwaka.

Birdie dropped [item]Signet of Ancient Magics[/item], which went to Glorfidel.

As an added bonus, getting trigger happy after our kill, we almost sent home Halazzi as well, but the sly lynx managed to slip away at 8%. He won't be so lucky next time!

10 Dec 2007 - New home

Welcome to the new home of Dawn of the Undead

That our old site died a while ago most of you no doubt noticed by now. This is our new home and you will have to register again Use your main characters name when registering please.

To use the eventcalendar you need to register and then create character Hopefully we'll use this forum more than Guild event manager in the future

We lost a lot of stuff when the old site went down so please make a post if theres anything you miss or think we should add to this site


Higgo, Kazzul, Hruktar, Erebus, Fulgore, Notdead and Doll

Special thx to Hack for taking the time to create this
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