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12 Nov 2008 - dotu ftw

It almost looked like our raids had grind to a halt for a while but we pulled together and really tied up some loose ends in TBC. It's been a great ending to the raid season and we should be proud of ourselves.

Here's the screenies:


3.0.2 Raiding Roundup

Kael'thas Sunstrider

Lady Vashj

Teron Gorefiend


Also downed was Azgalor (WTB screenshot)

27 Sep 2008 - Changes ahead

Hey all

Time to bring a few changes and update you all now that the expansion is right around the corner.

It's been a great year for DotU. Weve managed to do some incredible raid progress without losing our casual/social side. Feels like it was yesterday we were struggling with Gruul and invited the Second Wind officers to a meeting in the Brill tavern. Now we can pat our collective backs with 3/4 TK, 5/6 SSC, 2/6 Hyjal and 3/9 (or whatever number of bosses there is in there) in BT.
I know most is focused on other stuff at the moment but lets kill Teron Gorefiend before the expansion. It would be a nice achievement to end our raiding with, cos thats what were about to do for a while.

When Wotlk is released we will remove raider rank and reset DKP. There will be no stress to level through the new content. Take your time and enjoy levelling and the new world. Raiding will start up again when we think its time and we'll announce it well in advance. Raider rank will be reinstated with a new dkp tracker for those that are around with the neccessary time and enthusiasm (or whatever it is we base those things on).

We changed the recruitment policy slightly and wont recruit for raiding anymore. From now on the social side will be more important and therefor, til we start wotlk raids up, all classes are open for recruitment.

Starting october 29th recruitment is closed for all except friends, family and very outstanding applications. The reason for this is were growing a bit too fast atm and need to catch up on getting to know our new members

The guildbank option to repair using bank gold will, from now til Wotlk is released, be open for everyone and lots more of the stuff weve been saving for raid purposes will be available in ffa tabs. Help yourselves to it. You deserve it.

Our hope is that Dawn of the Undead will make a smooth transition to Wrath of the Lich King and that we stand stronger than ever when we pick up the raiding again. Knowing you guys I'm sure we will.

For the Horde!


10 Sep 2008 - Shade of Akama down

3 days old news, but meh, better late than never ey?  ;)

Big grats too all involved, keep up the awesome progess  :)

Full size pic here

01 Sep 2008 - Nerf Dotu?

Mount Hyjal and Black Temple have already started posting QQ threads in the WoW forums. 4 first kills in 4 weeks? and we only raid 25mans 2 nights on average a week? We may need a nerf.
Great job to all involved in our raiding efforts lately, been a great month. No doubt we'll see much more of Black Temple (and maybe MH if....nah, lets not, snooze-fest :)) before Wrath of the Lich King's release which could be as soon as 2 months away.
Full size pic here

On a similar note, the original Naxx will be removed from WoW soon so we have a raid there on the 19th, sign up in the usual place  ;)

27 Aug 2008 - Naj'entus goes 'squish'

We thought we'd have a change from MH's trash and take a stroll into the sewers of Black Temple. However, that peaceful evening walk was rudely interupted by a certain High Warlord Naj'entus, he was disposed of fairly quickly, awesome job guys and gals  ;)
Full size pic here

We also took a peek at Supremus, wow is he big, will rotate my widescreen monitor for the next raid. Not all had read up on him but we thought we'd give it a go for a laugh, got to about 40% on the 2nd (last) try. Excellent going, keep it up!

More on the 2nd post about Sundays raid and signing up (technical error in calendar)
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