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18 Aug 2008 - Anetheron down!

Our first run of the 2nd week we've spent in Mount Hyjal and our 2nd first kill!

Big grats to all involved in our MH progress. The trash can be tedious, but we'll have it on farm in no time  ;) Keep up the good work!

07 Aug 2008 - Hyjal Summit

Rage Winterchill Killed!
Wednesday, August 6 - Dawn of the Undead ventured into the Hyjal Summit, And killed Rage Winterchill!
Was a little strugle at first, until we switched some people to alts to create a better group ballance(Iggy and Bubblewrap saved the day!), and we did it!

He dropped [item]Blessed Adamantite Bracers[/item], and [item]Bracers of Martyrdom[/item].

We even got a glimpse of Anetheron!
Had a strugle with the waves of trash mobs which precede him,
So lets hope we get him down on friday!

09 Jul 2008 - Zul'Jin and Kitty dead

Zul'Jin and Kitty Dead

Last night we went into Zul Aman to finish off what we left from sunday and expected a long rumble in the jungle. However Zul'Jin decided to call it a night shortly after we arrived. Good job all involved to our first Zuljin kill and the many more to come. Time to start farming those bears.

(The kitty didnt drop any loot :( )


23 Jun 2008 - SW joining

As most of you no doubt have noticed by now, several Second Wind members has been joining DotU. Second Wind is dissolving and the officers and raiders has been offerered to join us.
Those that we dont know from raiding is free to aply on the webby like several already did. Aplications will be reviewed when SW is dissolved.
We'll see how many new members join us over the next couple of days and I hope that we can keep as much of the DotU/SW raid team as possible intact.

For the Horde

20 Jun 2008 - Hex Lord downed!

After defeating his 4 animal/god/warrior thingy do-da's, Malacrass fell after a few tries

Big grats to all the Dotu members involved and Oracle who was kind enough to come along to fill the last spot  ;)

Then onto the Warlord himself, Zul'jin, although he was a little more stubborn, seems a little easier than Malacrass though, few attempts got him to the 18% ish mark, he'll go down soon enough, keep up the good work all!
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