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07 May 2009 - Breakthrough in Ulduar

After some weeks of hard work on the baby voiced XT002, things seemed like we had come to a standstill, but we didn't let looks deceive anyone and in a fantastic raid we clicked all the pieces into their places and managed to send home Razorscale and XT 002 Deconstructor.

Thanks go out to all those raiders who didn't give up and pushed on despite hardships. Grats to all involved on the double first kill!

[smg id=333]
XT 002

[smg id=334]

- Hruktar -

29 Mar 2009 - Malygos (25) Down!

Huge congrats to all invloved in tonights raid!

[smg id=321]

Link to full size pic
After just under two weeks, Malygos 25man has been slain.
This also means that all current Woltk content has been cleared, great job all invloved in both our 10 and 25man raids  :)
Only thing that remains is OS hard modes, with Ulduar coming soon, bring it on!

02 Mar 2009 - Naxxramas 25man cleared

Last night was our first kill of Kel'Thuzad, clearing Naxxramas 25man for the first time in just a few short weeks of entering it. Great job to all involved in the kill and our raiding efforts.

[smg id=310]
Was a great night :)
(Linky to full size pic)

Also Raiders will be interested to know that [item]Abyss Crystal[/item] are now available from our Guild Bank. Please note that not everyone may have access to these as they mostly earned by our raiders and therefore its only fair that they have priority on them. Please see this post for details

Raiding Rules have also been updated. No real changes apart from TS info / removal of joing raids with SW info, see 'Guild Information' tab to the left for all info

28 Feb 2009 - Moostick

As many might have noticed; our banker Moostick is on a break. Any questions about the guildbank should be aimed at Kazilk until further notice

24 Dec 2008 - Naxx 10man

Naxxramas 10man cleared

Over the past few weeks we've been having a few runs into Wraths entry level raid instance and progress has been great, big grats to all involved
[smg id=289]

A special thanks to Moostick who has been leading these raids whilst Hruktar and myself have been taking more of a relaxed approach to leveling / raiding, grats on your T7 helm ;)

We hope to have 2x10man groups up during January so everyone can get a regular taster. And don't forget that our 25man raiding starts in a months time, 25th of January, will be nice having everyone together again, i can see us ripping apart Naxx 25 soon

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