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31 Aug 2009 - Raiders eager for kills.

Last night was our first 25 man raid in a long time. The raider ranks were fed up with the summer periode. No more cold drinks, with or without alcohol, and sunny weather. No.. All we wanted is fresh blood and kills!

After a bit of tweaking and hoping for noone to dc anymore we are proud to present:

[smg id=398]

With a lot of time on the clock left, we went to The Iron Council to bring them a little visit. We only needed one try to get used to the fight. Results from the second try.. Picture sais it all.

[smg id=397]

We wanted to thank everyone for participating at last nights raid. If we could keep this killing spree up, we will get to yoggie in no time!


26 Jun 2009 - Happy Wedding Day

Happy Wedding Day, Theaset and Xez

Best of wishes and good luck on your special day, enjoy!!!

15 Jun 2009 - DotU slays Auriaya

She was a quick kill, once we had the pull sorted out, she went down on the third try. Big grats to everyone involved!

Next week is to repeat these kills and maybe progress a bit further.

[smg id=347]


12 Jun 2009 - Guild Birthday!

Happy Birthday Dotu!

oops :)

In true Dotu style and a ...minor admin error, it seems somewhere along the line our Guild Birthday was wrongly set to 4th of July, when in fact it is 4th of June  ;D Most probably my fault.

Anyhooo, happy 4th Birthday to us, yey!

As the 4th of June was last week and the 4th of July is our Guild Meet in Brighton (UK), we'll do our in-game celebrations sometime near then, will be announced soon.

Meanwhile, feel free to suggest ideas for in-game events

11 Jun 2009 - Kologarn dead

Well, that was a long struggle, to get that mofo! Refining our tactics one bit at a time, we finally found what works for us. Thanks go out to all who endured the last month wiping on Kolo and worked hard to slay him and move on deeper into Ulduar.

Grats to all involved!
[smg id=346]

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