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Post long overdue. January 30th, in the end of 4th week we got first kill on Antoran High Command!

All bosses so far only took us 2 evenings to kill, keeping the progress up nice and steady =)

High Command wipes 33

Last week was a bit of rotating people around and gearing up. This week we'll hopefully get good progress on Imonar the Soulhunter ;)

First night on Eonar landed us a kill! Needed a little extend, but gladly was worth it in the end  O0

Eonar Wipes 16

Although many Guilds went for High Command and Eonar first, we decided to do Portal Keeper! Such rebels!  8)

This turned out to be quite complex fight and needed abit more tactics tuning and little tweaks the further on the fight we got.
Personally i really loved that the encounter had quite a few different mechanics and it had nice roles and timings and cc that people needed to do instead of the usual avoid standing in sh#t  and nuke the boss. Fun fight ::)

PK wipes 31

Really proud we got this down in basically 2 nights of progress, well done! A nice benchmark kill for us and happened to also get server 3rd kill on it!

The easy ones next ;D

First week of January and DotU Mythic Antorus conquest got us nice 2 kills right away and kept us on Horde side's top spot after the holiday weeks  8)

First boss wasn't that bad as we had couple pulls the night before.

Garothi wipes 10

Doggies on the otherhand, besides the boss abilities having a bit of learning curve, we also had to deal with numerous amounts of bad luck during the raid. Disconnects, Intel bugs, teliports, hunter tears and burning washing machines etc. Extra pic on the comments ;)

Felhounds wipes 27

Weeeeee!  8)

Good Job all, whom been part of normal and heroic raids so far!!

We'll start looking into Mythic raids now, while still prioritising gearing up the Guild on Heroic ;)

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