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Heroic cleared!

Tuesday raid started well with 1 shot on Xavius!  GJ everyone! 8)

As planned and with nice amount of time left, we went in and gave Nythendra some proper goes in Mythic difficulty.
Last go we got her to 6%! Next time a kill and Mythic progress opened :)

Trials of Valor opened now too, so we have nice amount of content to play with! ;D
Cenarius down! Xavius to 3%!!!!!

Was a good raid again! First night on Cenarius on heroic and we got him down after a hour or so..

On Xavius, we were really close of landing the kill around the end time, so we even extended a bit, but 3% was the closest we got  :P

With little tinkering, will deffo go down next week!! ;)
It's always nice when "new" bosses go down, getting 2 new kills at one night was just awesome :)

GJ everyone!

Let's keep up the good pace and keep it fun!  8)

Cenarius on tuesday!!

Check out videos of both on comments! Including some special extra material in the end for Ursoc ;)

Nice fresh run, with 22 people, killed Nythendra, Drakes and Il'Gynoth first kill, which brings us to 3/7 HC now :)

The bear is the next one on our list! ;p

12 Oct 2016 - Dragons dead

Keeping the progress going, we went for Dragons with a mindset of getting them down tonite!  8)

They gave us a proper fight and we noticed to be lacking a bit of dps and healing. So we decided to test the flex system and try with a couple less players.
The Drakes HP and raid dmg taken dropped quite a bit and after a couple adjustment wipes we managed to get a kill :)

GJ and thanks everyone, proper team effort! Should be easier next time!
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