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Nice fresh run, with 22 people, killed Nythendra, Drakes and Il'Gynoth first kill, which brings us to 3/7 HC now :)

The bear is the next one on our list! ;p

12 Oct 2016 - Dragons dead

Keeping the progress going, we went for Dragons with a mindset of getting them down tonite!  8)

They gave us a proper fight and we noticed to be lacking a bit of dps and healing. So we decided to test the flex system and try with a couple less players.
The Drakes HP and raid dmg taken dropped quite a bit and after a couple adjustment wipes we managed to get a kill :)

GJ and thanks everyone, proper team effort! Should be easier next time!

05 Oct 2016 - Nythendra Heroic down!

WEeee!  8)

Yesterday we had our first proper heroic night and got the first boss down, proper dotu style first kill too! ;)

05 Oct 2016 - Xavius normal kill pic

From week ago  8)

The Emerald Nightmare normal cleared within first week of raiding :)

30 Apr 2016 - HFC Mythic 6/13

Picture from couple weeks back :)

Let's get more of these!!

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