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07 Jun 2018 - DotU Legion collage

Our Mr.Paint aka. Krzysio blessed us with another artwork. This is a "DotU Legion collage"!   :o ::) ;D

With this the Officery team would like to wish everyone a happy summer time and we hope to see you all in BfA!

How many references can you find? Which is the best ones? ;)

Moo!  O0

Coven wipes 43

24 Apr 2018 - Varimathras Mythic 8/11

Hey, we killed him! About a week ago!  O0

Vari wipes 91 (but they were fast ones :D)

Coven next gogo!

19 Mar 2018 - Kin'garoth Mythic (7/11)

The Fidget Spinner is no more.

Balls. Many balls. Eating balls, soaking balls, balls on my face, balls on your face. Just can't get enough of em balls.

Kin'g wipes 75

We got the Imonar skip now, so should be able to get to Varimathras progress relatively fast. Keep the signups going lads. GJ All!

22 Feb 2018 - Imonar Mythic (6/11)

This btard blocking the bridge turned out to be a bit of a challenge and first boss in Antorus where we were also fighting against time and berserk in the end ;p

We were unlucky not to get this one down last week and was getting close yesterday as well, but gladly the last pull of the evening landed us the kill!
And those are the best ones right? =)

Imonar wipes 58

We are now moving into 3 Mythic nights per week, which will hopefully keep up the progress and things interesting, while we work on killing Imonar 3 more times for the skip.

This week aiming to kill Kin'garoth ;)

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