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Title: DKP / Guild Rules Updates
Post by: Kazz on February 01, 2008, 06:52:47 PM
The DKP system has been finalised and rules have been added to make it as fair as possible. You can read the rules on the following post.

The second update is regarding Dotu members only. It is a update regarding guild rules which can be found using the 'Guild Information' box on the left side of our site. The info "Mains & Alts" has been added.
Title: Re: DKP / Guild Rules Updates
Post by: Kazz on February 09, 2008, 03:59:28 PM
DKP Rules

DKP is earned by participating in joined raids by DotU and Second Wind. whatever system each guild uses on their own raids is up to them.

Being online and ready by the instance meeting stone 15 min before the raids starting time will award 5 dkp

Each completed run awards 10 dkp A completed run means from when the raidleader announce start to when he announces end

a non completed run (joining late or leaving early) will award 5 dkp instead of 10

A minimum bid of 10 dkp on epics and 5 dkp on everything else

If two persons bid the same, we roll

Failure to show up to a raid you signed up for, without notifying a officer, will be punished by a 5 dkp deduction

If a player is misbehaving in some way the officers of that persons guild shall deal with and decide whatever punishment fits the crime. In other words; the officers are responsible for their own members and we shall first and formost bring any grievances to that guilds officers instead of the offending player

Can First Timers go Negative?

A raid member can only go into negative if you have <9 points and an item is up for bidding which no one is interested (no bids at all) but the person who has <9 is interested, in this case the item would be given the that person for 10dkp resulting in the person in question going into a negative total, -1DKP in this situtation.

Mains and Alts

Each character will have its own separate dkp pool. Main characters may use their alts dkp pool whilst bidding for an item. For example, a player's main character has 42dkp and his alt has 20dkp. When the player is bidding he effectively has a total of 62dkp to use. This does not work the other way around. If that player is on his alt, he has a total of 20dkp as he cannot use his mains pool of dkp.
Generally, alts will only be allowed to attend raids if we are short of that particular class in our raid setup.
Raid members who do have active alts will have to check their DKP on the website as whisper !dkp feature will not calculate your correct total if you are on your main
Title: Re: DKP / Guild Rules Updates
Post by: Kazz on February 13, 2008, 12:39:10 PM
Rules have been re-posted