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Title: New home
Post by: higgo on December 10, 2007, 02:04:43 PM
Welcome to the new home of Dawn of the Undead

That our old site died a while ago most of you no doubt noticed by now. This is our new home and you will have to register again Use your main characters name when registering please.

To use the eventcalendar you need to register and then create character Hopefully we'll use this forum more than Guild event manager in the future

We lost a lot of stuff when the old site went down so please make a post if theres anything you miss or think we should add to this site


Higgo, Kazzul, Hruktar, Erebus, Fulgore, Notdead and Doll

Special thx to Hack for taking the time to create this
Title: Re: New home
Post by: Kazz on December 16, 2007, 12:09:39 AM
Welcome all   ;D

Big thanks to Hacky for getting this place up and running.

Just like to point out a few new features. Firstly is the Event Calender as Higgo explained above.
There is also an option to add your WoW characters to your user profile. Simply click 'Profile' from the main bar at the top and look for the 'wow characters' highlighted in purple. This will link to the WoW Armoury.
The last new feature is the tabs to the left, 'Guild Information'. This contains Guild and Raid info, plus a few other articles.

Some threads from the previous site we're salvaged and can be found under the various boards in 'Archives'.

Hope you guys / gals enjoy our new home

Hope you guys & gals enjoy the new site
Title: Re: New home
Post by: Kazz on December 18, 2007, 06:21:27 PM
Class Forums have now merged and all old posts can be found in its archive.
Also 2 new additions to the 'Guild Information' tabs, Guild Movies and Teamspeak