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25 Oct 2015 - Phase One ... complete

So, after a couple of hours of tinkering, the forum is upgraded and seems to work OK with most of the features previously available
The next phase would be to redo the theme of the forum, but I'll get to it in the next couple of days as the theme format has changed dramatically
In the meantime, if you are angry because you're missing the classic DOTU look, just look at this orc punting a gnome, now, doesn't that make you feel better?

22 Oct 2015 - Keep on keeping on

Had slight issues with the forums which involved pictures not loading etcetc, but here we go: Progress in Heroic mode is there, last week we managed 8/13 with a real nice amount of kills on the Thursday run. This week the team pushed it to 9/13, but that screenshot is for the next update! So expect the screenshot from Soc and Lord Zakhuun soon.

Archimonde went down a while ago on normal. It is a long fight, with a load of different phases and adds to handle. But still, it is only normal so not that big news. However, we are getting closer to him now on Heroic mode aswell, since we managed to get Killrog, Iskar and Gorefiend down!

14 Aug 2015 - Been a while..

.. since there was an update posted here. So here goes.

It seems everyone is settled in as we are a fair bit into HFC already. With a nice 12/13 kills in normal we managed to clear 4 bosses on heroic yesterday. We're missing a pic from the Iron Reaver, but that's due to a really nice pace at pulling trash while loot is sorted. So please excuse us for the missing pic and keep up the great work guys!

25 Jun 2015 - Thank you.

Moo guys!

On behalf of all the Vita Nuova immigrants, I would like to say a huge thank you to you all for making us feel so welcome. With a special shout out to Soul and the other officers for being so accommodating. I have gotten some great feedback from people on both sides of the camp. I can see us all getting along amazingly under the Dotu banner.  ;D

Just to let you know myself (kuryo), Huvenbob and Nocuro have joined you as officers, We will assist you in anyway we can, feel free to send us a /w even if its just for a chat. (we can usually be found lurking around on mumble too).

I think i speak for everyone when i say i cant wait to get to know you all properly and, well, lets kill stuff!

Oh and heres a photo of me. Getting ready to get into my shipyard.... YOLO!

After weeks of attempts by both Vita Nuova and Dawn of the Undead we decided to come together in order to get Blackhand down, after a night of wipes as small as 0.4% we decided to allocate one extra night to get him down before 6.2 hits.

And as always it was just after raid time was due to finish, it was our last pull! And DOWN WENT BLACKHAND!

Well done to everyone who participated from Vita and Dawn, upon death of Blackhand it was decided that Vita Nuova and Dawn of the Undead would merge, so a solid night!

On behalf of everyone from Vita Nuova I'd like to thank everyone for making us all feel so welcome, we are glad to be here and look forward to seeing what 6.2 has to bring!

With that being said! 6.2 Is just around the corner and now we have strength in numbers I fully expect to see heroic bosses dying left and right under our collective power of Dawn of the Undead!

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