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03 Feb 2016 - HFC Mythic 1/13

Good job tonite! :)

A nice, clean kill after hc upper wing with 19 people!!

We have the gear to start progressing Mythic, now all we need is for everyone to keep on signing on thursdays and tuesdays!

Also start reading up on Iron Reaver! ;)

24 Jan 2016 - New Chief Moo

After a long while, and allot of chats and meetings, we shaped up and sorted some important points out.

First of all, as you all prolly noticed, I'm hardly around at the very moment. Prolly not everyone knows what's going on, but a long story short: I started a study and im doing volunteer work for 5 days a week. All in all, that means I'm working during the day, and study in the evening up till midnight or even later. That's the reason i'm hardly raiding or have time to be online.
So, as the guild does need an active GL, I decided to ask the officers who would be able to step up and fullfill my role I always loved to do. I really want to thank everyone for all the good years and support I got from all of you. I hope I'll be able to join the ranks soon(tm) again as soon as im done with the hardest and busiest part of the study.

So.. I'd like to congrats Grädo/Sissi on the new Guild Leader rank and I wish him all the best for the near future. I hope you guys give him as much backup and trust as you've always given me.

Furthermore, we cut down on the amount of active officers we have in guild. Mostly because we wanted to devide the chores abit better and keep them accounted for those aswell.

So, once again, I'd like to thank everyone for their trust, dedication, laughs, tears and all the crap you guys gave me. I really loved it all and wouldn't want to have missed any of it.


Yesterday was our first touch on Mythic content in HFC! Since HC was cleared, we used the last 30 mins to get a few goes on the first boss. As around 15% on second try was the best go, it seems rather promising that the first boss might go down soon enough!! ;)

We announced at raid end of our plans to properly start Mythic raiding after new years and holidays, somewhere in January. To accomplish this we have a couple options to get a "steady" 20 man group, which we discussed last wednesday on officer meeting.

We'll try to keep the raids going during holidays some what as it is now, mixing up a bit what we starting on thursdays, between HC upper wing and fresh. Ofcourse the plan is to clear HC every week now!

Try to get your bis gear in order and get those valors to get your gear upgraded and ilvl as high as possible! :)

Happy holidays!

- Möykkerz

02 Dec 2015 - HFC HC 13/13!

"Even if you fall on your face, you are still moving forward!"

After a decent amount of falls and wipes yesterday, we kept on pushing for progress!
Cleared Iskar and Mannoroth and ended up facing that last 20% of Archimonde on first pulls after the break. It turned out to be a proper struggle!

It was clearly a work and effort of everyone in the raid, to pull out enough dps, especially with only 13 people.
Reaching 1% "wipes" at the raid end time, we decided to give it a one more go and around 23:20 it was time for Archimonde to lay down :)

Now all we need to do is repeat the same full clear 13/13 next week!!

Still content to progress on... ;)

And more moose mounts needed!

"R.I.P Unholy dream"

- Möykkers

"02:33 Rytter <3 Zombade"
Priceless! ;D

02 Dec 2015 - past due kill shots

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee finaly!!

Found some photos lying around in interwebs, taken by some anonymous rogue and durid!!

Added some jibberish on them, hope i got em names and rooms right atleast ;p

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