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25 Dec 2018 - Uldir Mythic 6/8

Woop woop, Zul died couple weeks ago :P

Zul wipes 80

Raids on hold now during Holidays, but as we already got +50 wipes on Mythrax, we'll aim on getting that one down too before next tier  :-*

Happy holidays all, see you again next year ;)

30 Nov 2018 - Uldir Mythic 5/8

Fetid, never again 2018!

Fetid wipes 0

Next, Push Zul!

29 Nov 2018 - Uldir Mythic 4/8

Weee, Vectis 0 - 1 Gamons  8)

A nice kill couple days back with only about 10 practise pulls! Nice Job healing team! THe dps did alright too  ;)

26 wipes

We killed ZekVoz while back and been practising Fetid for 100 pulls or so, expecting that lizard to go down quite fast now after the nerf on him!

Hopefully getting to Zul soon!! :)

15 Oct 2018 - Uldir Mythic 2/8

Another slacky pic from couple week's ago as we got MOTHER down same night as G'huun Heroic!

More video love below <3

DotU vs MoM

15 Oct 2018 - Uldir Heroic cleared!

Been slacking with the kills pics this tier, but better late than never right!

G'huun kill pic from couple weeks ago! And to make up for the wait, enjoy the nice tank pov video linked below :)

DotU vs G'huun

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